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How to test that a job dispatches another job in Laravel

Published on August 15, 2020

Sometimes, in your Laravel application, you need a job that will dispatch other jobs. For instance, a cron that triggers a job to calculate the activity of all users, and this job triggers a single job for each user.

The only way to know if the second job gets triggered is to fake the Bus chain, using Queue::fake at the beginning of your tests.

But if you do that, you will only test that the first job get dispatched. It will be dispatched, but not executed - therefore, the secondary jobs won’t be dispatched at all.

How do you test that all the secondary jobs were effectively dispatched?

Instead of calling the first job in a more traditional way, like FirstJob()::dispatch(), we need to instantiate it and call both the dispatch() and handle() methods to actually bypass the fact that the first job isn't really dispatched thanks to the calling the Queue::fake() method.

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