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Why I post what I post

Published on July 18, 2022

On Twitter these days, there is two kinds of tweets:

  1. People complaining about stuff.
  2. People teaching life lessons that they probably didn’t experience themselves.

The first category doesn’t bring any value to anyone, apart from the author who feels good after shouting in this empty space that Internet can be. No one cares about you being upset about something, not even the brand you are complaining about.

The second category also doesn’t bring real value because reading about the 10 novel ways to be happy in life won’t make you feel happy in life. Also, it seems super fake. Perhaps it's a cultural thing. In Europe we are more… down to Earth and realistic. In North America, people are super optimistic, and sometimes I feel they are too much. I even made a comic about this.

Based on those observations, what posts should you write? No idea.

I don’t have a clue about how to grow a social media account and I have definitive proof of that. I have no advice to give on anything, because I don’t know much.

But here is what I like to read: jokes and news about stuff that people are trying to build (aka what value are you adding to the world every day: joy or updates on tools that improve the world in some ways).

I don't want to spend the little time we have on Earth to read about your anger, and I don't want to fuel this machine too. The media already bombard us that all the time with depressing news and anger and scandals, because these days everything is scandalous.

I want to try to be positive but realistic, and I want people interested by what I do to feel good after having seen on of my projects.

This is why I focus personally on these two types of posts:

  1. Funny tweets (this includes jokes that I hope make you smile and drawings made on my iPad)
  2. Stuff that I’m building.

My humour is probably not for everyone, but I hope it will make you smile from time to time.

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